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Top 10 Most Expensive Pokemon Cards From Darkness Ablaze

by The Hobby Bin Staff 12 Jan 2021 0 Comments
Sword and Shield Darkness Ablaze Pokemon Cards

The Pokemon TCG Market has seen a huge spike in interest in the last year. Many people who enjoyed collecting cards when they were younger have now reached an age where they are starting to have disposable income and can revisit the things they enjoyed while growing up. With the boom in interest in the Pokemon TCG world you of course expect to also see a boom in prices. That's exactly what has happened over the past year to every set - both modern and classic. Today we are taking a look at one of the newer sets, Darkness Ablaze, and visiting the most expensive cards from the set!

#10. Centiskorch VMAX Hyper Rare - 191/189

This Centiskorch VMAX Rainbow Rare features the Gigantamax form of Centiskorch. Rainbow Rare cards feature some of the most amazing visual aesthetics of any cards in the series, and Centiskorch is a big fan favorite that was introduced in the most recent generation of Pokemon, Generation 8.

The attack G-Max Centiferno allows you to attach a fire Energy each time the attack deals damage, which in turn allows the attack to deal 40+ damage. With 320 HP and a potentially devastating attack, Centiskorch can be formiddable in the TCG.

Centiskorch VMAX Hyper Rare 191/189 is currently valued around $13 at the time of writing.
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#9. Crobat V Ultra-Rare - 104/189

Typically the cards that dominate these lists are Full Arts and Secret Rares. Occasionally an Ultra-Rare card will make an appearance - and it is almost always because the card is exceptionally strong in the TCG. Crobat V is significantly more expensive than even the Charizard V Ultra-Rare, a Pokemon that is known for pulling in high dollar amounts. But more on Charizard later!

Crobat's ability Dark Asset provides draw power to the user without using your Supporter for the same turn, which allows the player to accomplish more on their turn. This helpful ability is why there is such a high demand for the card and the why this is reflected in the price.

Crobat V Ultra-Rare 104/189 is currently valued around $13 at the time of writing.

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#8. Scizor VMAX Hyper Rare - 193/189
Few Pokemon from the Sword and Shield sets of cards (or any sets for that matter) get as much love as Scizor, especially from younger fans of the series. This beautiful Scizor VMAX card features Scizor in the Dynamax form with a Rainbow color style and textured feel.

This Rainbow Rare is one of the Secret Rares featured in Darkness Ablaze, numbered 193/189 in the set. If you happen to be new to these cards - you can tell a Secret Rare because the number at the bottom of the card will exceed the maximum number from the set, i.e. 193/189 for this Scizor card. There will be several more Secret Rares on our list as the most expensive cards from Darkness Ablaze!

Scizor VMAX Hyper Rare 193/189 is currently valued around $15 at the time of writing.

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#7. Butterfree VMAX Hyper Rare - 190/189

At #7 on our list we have our first Gen-1 Pokemon! Butterfree is beloved by all sorts of fans of the Pokemon franchise, and Butterfree is done some serious justice in Darkness Ablaze - featured 4 times as an Ultra-Rare or better! You can find Butterfree as a V, a Full Art, a VMAX, and a VMAX Rainbow Secret Rare, shown above.

This Rainbow Butterfree VMAX has an attack called G-Max Toxbreeze which deals 150 damage and causes your opponent's active Pokemon to become confused and poisoned.

Butterfree VMAX Hyper Rare 190/189 is currently valued around $15 at the time of writing.

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#6. Coalossal Gold Secret Rare - 198/189

It was only a matter of time until we landed on a Gold Secret Rare card, and Coalossal is the first to do the honors. This visually impressive card comes in at #198 in the set and is one of only 2 Gold Secret Rare Pokemon from the set (hint on upcoming mentions!) Gold cards are known to be highly sought-after collectibles.

This Coalossal Gold Secret Rare card features the ability Tar Generator which allows you to attach a Fire energy, a Fighting energy, or 1 of each from your discard pile to your Pokemon in any way you like. Coalossal also has a 130 damage attack called Flaming Avalanche.

Coalossal Gold Secret Rare 198/189 is currently valued around $16 at the time of writing.

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#5. Eternatus VMAX Hyper Rare - 192/189

The Eternatus VMAX Rainbow Hyper Rare is a beatiful card, featuring one of the legendary Pokemon from Gen VIII, Sword and Shield. This card owes its value to several factors, including the amazing design, its value in the TCG, as well as its collectability as a legendary Pokemon.

Eternatus VMAX Rainbow Hyper Rare features a whopping 340 HP with an ability called Eternal Zone. This ability allows the user to have 8 benched Pokemon if all of their Pokemon in play are Dark type, though you cannot play non Dark-type Pokemon. In addition, this Eternatus VMAX has an attack called Dread End which deals 30 damage for each of the user's Dark type Pokemon in play.

Eternatus VMAX Hyper Rare 192/189 is currently valued around $16 at the time of writing.

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#4. Crobat V Full Art Ultra Rare - 182/189

Perhaps it is not at all surprising to find another version of Crobat on the list, this time featured as a Full Art Ultra Rare. This awesome Full Art card comes with the same Dark Asset ability and Venomous Fang attack, but offers extra collectability since it is a Full Art with amazing artwork.

Collectors and TCG players alike have a reason to value and purchase this card adding to its potential to climb in price. You can expect to see the Crobat cards from this set to maintain their price as long as it is seeing so much utility in the card game.

Crobat V Full Art Ultra Rare 182/189 is currently valued around $19 at the time of writing.

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#3. Salamence VMAX Hyper Rare - 194/189

The next card on our list is perhaps one of the most visually stunning cards out of this set, as well as a very popular Pokemon from the franchise. This Salamence VMAX Rainbow Secret Rare is #194 out of the set and offers some great options in the TCG as well.

The attack Sonic Double deals 40 damage to 2 of your opponent's Pokemon, and the attack Max Wings deals a devastating 240 damage. With 320 HP, the Salamence VMAX Rainbow Rare card can dish out a ton of damage as well as take it.

Salamence VMAX Hyper Rare 194/189 is currently valued around $21 at the time of writing.

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#2. Rillaboom Gold Secret Rare - 197/189

This Rillaboom Gold Secret Rare is the second time a Gold card is featured on this list, though it is currently nearly twice as expensive as the Coalossal we mentioned earlier. Rillaboom is one of the 3 starters featured in the Sword and Shield generation, which is one of the reasons this Gold Secret Rare has climbed so high in value.

From top to bottom this card has a very impressive Full Art aesthetic. The green on gold background seems like it would be a risky design choice, but if you've seen this card in person, you'll know it looks much nicer than you might expect. You'll also notice the shiny glimmers on this card - An obvious carryover from previous Shiny sets such as Hidden Fates. Perhaps it is more appropriate to refer to this as the Shiny Gold Secret Rare Rillaboom? That has a nice ring to it.

Rillaboom Gold Secret Rare 197/189 is currently valued around $29 at the time of writing.

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#1. Charizard VMAX Ultra Rare - 20/189

If you know anything about this set, I'm sure you saw this coming from a mile away. Charizard VMAX from Darkness Ablaze absolutely eclipses any other cards on this list in terms of value. At the release of this set this card carried a lot of hype as the first Ultra Rare Charizard to be featured in Sword and Shield. Since then we've seen some HUGE Charizard cards get added to subsequent sets, but this was the first to make its debut.

The Charizard VMAX from Darkness Ablaze features the Gigantamax artwork from the Sword and Shield series, with a very vibrant display which captures the strength and power of this particular Pokemon. Boasting 330 HP and the attack G-Max Wildfire which deals 300 damage, Charizard VMAX gains its value from generations of collectors and TCG players that want to add this Charizard to their deck.

When Charizard VMAX first came out it was seeing a price of up to $300, with PSA 10 copies going for $600-$700. Since then we have gotten higher rarity Charizards which has caused the price on the VMAX Charizard to drop. You can probably find a VMAX Charizard graded in a PSA 10 for under $300 today.

Charizard VMAX Ultra Rare 20/189 is currently valued around $90 at the time of writing.

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Do you agree with our list? Which cards are you most interested in getting into your collection? Leave us a comment below!

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